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Office Space for Lease in Saint-Petersburg

Office centers in St. Petersburg: 4 modern trends for your benefit
  • Convenient office location has a direct impact on the results of running any business. Therefore, well-designed and well-chosen place for your "residence" is the key to business success. The cost of office spaces is directly proportional to their suitable location as well as successful infrastructure. Therefore, the location is number one criteria for the successful growth of your business.
  • Office rent in the business center or in big shopping center is perhaps the most beneficial and profitable. And if the business center is located close to major transport interchanges and an apartment complex, you get a totally win-win. Today to rent like this means to come to the top of business art.
  • To rent an office is now "not a question" due to an established and constantly updated database of all formats of commercial rentable real estate including photos, description and location on the map. Quick and advanced search of all possible proposals for office space lease can be classified on such parameters as location, size, and price. As for the cost of office rent, it is influenced by location, characteristics, transport availability and internal conditions of object. Probably, the best way to learn the real price is to see existing offers carefully.
  • Direct lease is rent without middleman plus all necessary information in the most reliable form and 100% deduction of lessees. It is well-known that the lessee always prefers those lessors who follow professional rules.

In megalopolises and just big cities life in all sorts of its manifestations is in full swing, and St. Petersburg as the cultural capital is the best proof of it. No wonder that the lion's share of business belongs to the market of commercial real estate and different operations in this segment of services. Sale and rent of rooms, in turn, are necessary for the effective solution of various business tasks for the benefit of inhabitants and guests of our nice city. However, only at first sight it seems that it is "simple" task to rent an office in St. Petersburg. Actually, the professional help and the advanced information technologies in this plan is necessary for each of us. Thanks to these two components, problem of renting can be solved. We are always glad to help and offer you extensive and constantly being updated base of objects of the rent intended for your ready office!

The classification of office space centers: 5 accepted offers on a choice Class "A". Offered offices are required in the new BC exclusively in the central part of the city. In this case, you will find impeccable service, including automation systems, livelihoods, security service with professional management, reception, meeting rooms, recreation areas, open plan, and quality finishing materials. Class "B". Offered offices are either new or in post-reconstruction BC, but they cannot brag of wide range of services. Class "C". Offered offices have a little worn-out repair and insufficiently modern communication. Sometimes in such rooms there is no centralized system of ventilation. As a rule, although they have no central location, they are in areas with the developed traffic intersection. Class "D". Offered offices have rather poor quality and need major repairs. At your disposal there is a very modest list of life support services. Class "E". Offered offices are in urgent need of reconstruction, because they do not meet the requirements of most lessees. Basically, there are nonresidential premises converted into offices.

We are ready to provide you with lease of business centers and other premises!

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