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Industrial Space for Lease in Saint-Petersburg

To lease the production space is an optimum decision for the enterprises, mainly from the point of view of limits of the electric power and heating systems.

Today processing and assembly spaces, the warehouse areas for storage and production of food, livestock farms and similar premises are the most demanded requests in the market of commercial real estate. Therefore, ideally satisfying specific request for production rentals in St. Petersburg can rightly be considered as a task of professionals.

Opening production it is necessary to understand accurately that its organization is "a science". So, without coordination and personal survey of object of rent by engineers and technologists you can rent absolutely improper room for you.

So what important issues require your attention for a proper choice for the industrial leased premise?

The production ecology always matters. In particular, if during functioning of your enterprise there is liquid waste to dump, it is necessary to look for separate, and not just the combined sewerage.

Resources for production, taking into account expansion, are water, steam, heat and the electric power. On the leased area separate accounting of these consumable resources must also be organized, for example, with help of counters.

Installation/dismantle of processing equipment is also an issue in the course of such search, as rent of production premise.

Garbage collection and guarded territory are indispensable conditions, considering Post-Soviet mentality of our citizens.

Floors should be made of materials that resist mechanical stress, heat and corrosive environment. Besides, they should be reparable and possess loading not less than 10 t/sq.m.

There should be a combination of artificial with a natural light (for example, through the glazed windows in walls).

Heating should be coordinated in terms of ventilation, minimal heat loss and protection of the premises from the outside air. Briefly speaking, the "rent of warehouse / industrial premise" and independent heating system go hand in hand.

Without installation of telephones and Internet (fiber-optic communication) it is impossible to organize any production today.

Household and administrative offices are also important issues. So do not forget about your workers. Now we are left with very few professionals.

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