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Warehouse Space for Lease in Saint-Petersburg

Useful information

The warehouse complex is a "vital" necessary expense item both for any serious enterprise and for middle size company. Therefore, if you are either self-employed, a business owner or the head of the company, renting storage space is really urgent question for you. We will save you from unnecessary problems connected with searching a suitable warehouse from the owner in St. Petersburg.

Rent of commercial real estate in our city is presented by quite wide range of offers. Nevertheless, the category "price" and the standard classification of similar premises around the world, according to which warehouses rent and other commercial estate rent is practiced, will help to pick up warehouses.

4 categories of premises for a warehouse in Saint-Petersburg:

  • The warehouse "A" class is one-story building with lightweight construction, no pillars, with a flat floor preventing dust cover. Typically, this complex is equipped with an automatic fire safety systems and video surveillance, convenient and ample parking for large vehicles, warehouse office and other rooms for the staff. For warehouse of class A (certainly warm store!) the location close to transport interchanges and central highways is always chosen.
  • To rent a warehouse of the class "B" means to rent space with the same infrastructure but in rectangular 1/2-h storey buildings specially constructed or reconstructed qualitatively for these purposes.
  • Warehouses of a class "C" are characterized by similar criteria, however layout of a building and a site don’t matter.
  • Rent of the warehouse of a class "D" in Petersburg often means basement in hangar premises without any special conditions.

Warehouse Rent vs Purchase: 4-0

Generally the warehouse complex is necessary for storage of ready products. However, not all organizations need a constant stock, especially since its purchase and equipment are very large investments. In that case, renting a heated warehouse is the best solution of the problem. In addition, the lease can be long-term or short-term, but purchase can be only permanent. Moreover, to find and renting the storage is possible in any area of St. Petersburg, in contrast to similar proposals for its purchase.

Rent a warehouse without a commission: choose the best!

If you are interested in any above-mentioned warehouses, hurry to use this section! We will help you to pick up in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region a suitable warehouse renting of which 100% will meet all requirements of your business. Our database is always relevant, and a convenient search system will make searching very quick with help of different Categories of choice "area", "location", "class", "price", including parameters such as wall materials. . For us it does not matter whether you want to rent a warehouse converted from outdated building, a former industrial area that is not now in use or purpose-built warehouse complex with all necessary infrastructure. It is very important that you find exactly what you're looking for. We know how to choose a good warehouse in Petersburg, which requirements it needs to meet and for which goods it is rented!

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